Southern Gospel Finds at the Thrift Store

I stopped at the local thrift store on Saturday. There are often few or no Southern Gospel records there, but this time I had several “finds”:

  • He’s Wonderful – LeFevres (year?). The notes say Pierce LeFevre had just returned from the service; does this date it for anyone? This is really solid, enjoyable quartet singing. It seems to have a 50s feel.
  • Pray Pray Pray for the U.S.A. – Wally Fowler and the Oak Ridge Quartet (year?). There is no group picture, so I have no idea as to when this was recorded or the personnel on the project. The project has a late 50s or (very) early 60s feel.
  • Sweeter as the Days Go By – Prophets Quartet (year?). It seems to have a mid-60s feel. Does anyone know personnel or the year of recording?
  • Listen to Those Smooth Weatherfords – Weatherfords (year?). This seems to be a post-Cathedral of Tomorrow lineup. It has a late 60s feel.
  • Little Steve Sings Big – Steve (year?). Who was “Little Steve”? The liner notes indicate he appeared on the Gospel Singing Jubilee. I picked up the album because the Florida Boys were on the cover. Tommy Atwood’s tenor and Billy Todd’s glasses would seem to date it to the late 60s.
  • In Hawaii – Rex Humbard and the Cathedral Singers (year?). I think this was after the Cathedral Quartet left Humbard’s ministry. An almost-quaint tidbit of history: The album is in a mailer envelope with five cents of postage.
  • High and Easy – Coy Cook (year?). This was recorded between 1966 and 1969, since Coy Cook was with the Dixie Echoes at the time. Does anyone have a more precise date?
  • Gloryland Train – Perry Sisters (1984). Diana Gillette wrote most of the songs on this Eddie Crook Company-released album.
  • Steve Green – Steve Green (1984). This album could be said to be more Southern Gospel than (today’s) Gold City or Booth Brothers. If Green had any desire to return to this style, he could probably easily find a home on Southern Gospel radio—and a new fan base in a genre where legends are a more than just yesterday’s news.
  • Enter Into the Joy of the Lord – Vernon Bowling, Joe Isaacs and the Sacred Bluegrass (year?). Yes, this is the Joe Isaacs, and Lily was also a group member. To help date the album, the group had been together for slightly over two years, and Lily had released a solo folk album on Columbia approximately ten years before. In a (retrospectively) almost quaint touch, Bowling and Isaacs printed their home phone numbers on the back for booking purposes. (It’s not worth tracking down the album for that, too, since even in the highly improbable event Isaacs hasn’t moved, I believe that area of Ohio has since changed area codes.)

Does anyone know any of the album information I’m missing?

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