Video of the Day: Tim Parton with Liberty Quartet

Unless I missed it, no official announcement has gone out of Tim Parton officially joining Liberty Quartet. But he has been filling in for several months now. Here’s a recently-posted video showing what he brings to the group:

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  1. I love Tim’s playing man! What a talent he is and such a great Christian guy. He was awesome with Legacy Five.

    • Incidentally, comparing this and other recent videos to their pre-Tim soundtrack-only videos is a pretty good illustration of yesterday’s post, though I did not orchestrate this timing. :)

  2. So glad to see this on your blog. Many of us ‘out here’ care a great deal about this young man, and especially here in the eastern part of the U.S. now, miss being able to see and hear him in a concert. Very thankful though that he has ‘found his voice’, and is such a great blend with Liberty Quartet. They have a great sound. Out loss is the west’s gain. Hopefully there will be videos occasionally that we can keep up with him a little. Thank you again for posting this.

    • You’re welcome! I try not to forget my West Coast readers! :)