Tim Duncan suffers mini-stroke

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound bass singer Tim Duncan suffered a mini-stroke last week.

Got a call from Tim Duncan last week and he said he had a weird thing happen to him. (After we got back from that long flight from South Africa) Tim said he went fishing and all of the sudden, just sitting in the chair relaxing, His speech started to “slur” and it really scared him!

Long story short, Tim is fine and was cutting his grass yesterday but after three days in the hospital and every test the doctors “think” He may have had a Tia (Transient ischemic) Which probably brought on by the long flights and not moving around. They tell you to move your limbs and they are not joking!

Ernie Haase has more on the Signature Sound blog. (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed).

Keep Tim and his family in your prayers.

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