Aaron McCune leaves Gold City

For something like two months, a persistent rumor has been making the rounds that Aaron McCune is leaving Gold City and Tim Riley is returning. A press release today confirms that the first half is true: Aaron McCune is indeed leaving. Or, perhaps, he’s already left, judging by the past tense wording in the press release—”following the departure of Aaron McCune.”

According to the press release, though, Gold City is seeking auditions for another bass singer, so the second half of the rumor (that Tim Riley is returning) may not be true. So the jury is still out on that one.

Last weekend was pianist Josh Simpson’s final weekend with the group before returning to college, and it’s been less than a month since Chris Cooper was announced as the replacement for departing tenor Steve Ladd.

With turnover at three of the five positions in the group within the past month, a Tim Riley return would be just the boost Gold City needs right now. His return—even if only for a year or two—would generate enough buzz to give the new lineup time to get on its feet and become established.

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