Country Groups on SG Radio

This afternoon, I heard Solid Gospel play a Christian-oriented song from one of Country’s most awarded acts. Should Southern Gospel stations play country acts?

I can understand the viewpoint that we should be glad anyone wants to sing our style. And I can understand that perspective, particularly when a group with solid SG roots releases a strong SG tune (Quicksilver and the Oak Ridge Boys come to mind). But this particular song had very little that suggested any Southern Gospel influences, except (through circular reasoning) due to the extent Southern Gospel has incorporated country influences.

But there is a limited number of slots on a Southern Gospel station. And even though some programmers air sub-par material, it’s not like there isn’t enough quality material out there. To any DJ who says that the current material from the 25+ groups on major labels isn’t enough for a varied program, ask me for a list of five or ten independent groups to contact for a current single. Groups like Liberty Quartet, the Old Paths, Paid in Full, the Browns . . . and the list goes on and on.

It’s not like someone who points to that group as a favorite will start listening to Southern Gospel stations just to hear the once every two hours that song is played; if they’re listening for that act, they’ll be listening to their local country station.

There’s so much quality SG music worth playing that SG radio simply doesn’t need occasional novelty Gospels singles from mainstream country acts to fill out a set list. Let’s keep Southern Gospel radio Southern Gospel radio.

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