CD Review: I’m Looking Through New Eyes (The Primitive Quartet)

The Primitive Quartet have put out another great project with five of the ten songs written by lead singer Reagan Riddle. I love the way he writes and I’m really glad to see him writing more.

The CD starts with a song the quartet recorded years ago called “Come Back Home.” It’s an uptempo quartet song with a great message. Randy Fox sings “Dear Loved One,” a song written by Reagan, calling loved ones to follow the Savior. Reagan sings “I’m Looking Through New Eyes,” which he also wrote. This song expresses my heart when it says “This old time salvation–thank God it is real and I wish everybody could know how I feel!”

Other songs on this project are “The Precious Blood of Jesus,” “It’s Wrong or It’s Right,” “It’s Hard to Stumble When You’re Down on Your Knees,” “I Made a Vow,” “I’m Going There,” “With My Dear Lord,” and “The Blood of God’s Only Son,” which is the current chart song and is a favorite in concert.

It was hard for me to choose a personal favorite on this recording but reading the titles should tell you what a good project this is. You will not be disappointed.

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